Athens Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Athens Stump Grinding Pros provides professional, efficient, and thorough stump grinding services. We are the leading providers of stump grinding in the greater Athens area. Our team will effectively remove all unsightly stumps from your property, at an affordable cost. Here at our company, we believe the best way to do business is to build relationships with our clients and establish trust by completing every job to the very best of our abilities, every time. Call us for all of your needs for stump grinding Athens GA.   

Removing the stumps from your property is one of the best ways to elevate your outdoor space, make your backyard safer for landscaping and children playing, and increase your property value. There’s nothing worse than mowing around a large, obtrusive stump every week, so if you’re ready to invest in a smooth, clean landscape, give us a call today and we will get your stumps removed efficiently and affordably.

While our home base is in Athens Clarke County, we regularly service Watkinsville, Oconee County, Bishop, Bogart, Barrow, Jackson, Madison, Oglethorpe, and the surrounding towns.


We take pride in our professionalism and effectiveness, and we genuinely enjoy stump grinding. We love taking care of our clients and helping them improve their lawn or backyard with our stump grinding services, and we love doing it in Athens. We’re Athens locals, so if you’re looking for a local, professional, and competent stump grinding team, we’re the business for you. We believe one of the reasons our clients choose us is the amount of care and quality we put into every job we do. Give us a call and we’ll give you a free quote, and we’ll also go the extra mile and see if we can get everything done within the day. We want our client to know us as the prompt, professional, and personal tree trunk grinding folks, so we can continue to do what we love day after day. Give us a call today at 706 480 8645

Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Athens GA

We specialize in stump removal, which is different than most tree removal services. It requires a different set of skills, and most of the time requires a grinding machine to go down and remove the root system, thus leveling the property and preventing future growth. Our team of experts has experience grinding stumps of all sizes, shapes, and levels, and have the skill to properly remove all remnants of the tree that was there. When handling large machinery and equipment that is necessary for full removal, it’s important to have someone conducting the work who you can trust to do the job right.  

We know how frustrating stumps can be. They ruin the landscape, they take up space in the yard that could be used for any number of other things, they attract pests such as termites and roaches, and cause endless problems for lawn maintenance. We know the drill! Get that stump off your property as soon as possible. With our skilled team and our affordable pricing on stump grinding, what’s stopping you?  

Stump removal machine grinding a tree trunk into wood chips and mulch, which can be used for landscaping purposes.


Athens’ Best Stump Removal Service

We can handle all needs for stump grinding in Athens, GA, and we are always professional, reliable, and prompt. We provide free estimates, so you can know up front an approximate figure of what your job will cost. We have no hidden fees- we’d never want to hurt the trust we have with our clients by springing unnecessary costs on them. The only reason for the estimate is because in order to provide accurate pricing, we first need to assess the situation fully, which will be completed on the day of your scheduled removal. If you require an over the phone estimate for tree stump removal services, please know that you will get a more accurate quote in person, because we will be able to factor in all costs, including the size of the stump from one side of the base to the other, the access, etc. The machine we use to grind up the stump will leave in its place a pile of mulch, which can be useful and used for composting, fertilizing, or decorative landscaping purposes.  After stump grinding, you may be surprised at the sheer about of wood chips/mulch/debris left over, so it’s important to make sure you haven’t overestimated the amount you’ll want for landscaping purposes.

This is a photo of a large stump that would be removed using our large stump grinder machine.

If you have any questions about the process, stump grinding, removal, what to do with the mulch, etc, the best place to look would be our blog! We update it frequently throughout the week, and we are always posting about various aspects of being a stump grinder, removing tree stumps, FAQs, and more. If you don’t see a post about your questions there, give us a call and we’d be happy to speak with you about whatever is going on with your stump. We’re getting more experience, more skilled, and more efficient at tree stump removal all the time- it’s always been important to us to always be learning, so we can stay ahead of the game, and get better and better, so our customers can call the very best stump grinding company in the business. Here at Athens Stump Grinding Pros, we will continue to get better at our work, our professionalism, our business acumen, and more. You deserve the very best work, so we will continue to provide that, day in and day out.

Athens’ Best Stump Grinding Company

We are locally owned in Athens, Georgia, and we strive to serve the people of the greater Athens area with 5-star quality, every day. We take our work seriously and will always focus on safety when utilizing dangerous equipment. We have the proper training to operate this machinery, which is why our clients call us to do the heavy lifting of stump grinding. This is a very technical job, and it requires professional stump removal experience, so we ensure that all on our team are well prepared for all challenges. Our services are efficient, because we know your time is important, as is ours. Our goal is to save our clients time and money, while providing stump grinding and removal services of the very highest quality.  We know it can be daunting, but at our business we strive to make stump removal cost and service as easy as possible.

Our staff has experience working with both residential and commercial properties, and are capable of providing full maintenance post-grinding, which can include removal of the mulch/ wood chips that are left behind. We will always provide free estimates, so our clients can know they are getting fair and professional rates, every day of the week.   If you’re located outside of Athens-Clarke County in one of the surrounding towns like Watkinsville, Bogart, Bishop, or Statham, and you’re interested in whether we service your neighborhood, give us a call today! We’re willing to travel, and depending on the schedule, can often do same day service.

We love outdoor work, and we take great pride in taking care of your home, your yard, and all of our clients day in and day out. Stump grinding Athens GA is our specialization, so we can focus in on staying at the top of all industry standards, and providing the best stump removal services possible. There are many precautions we take to ensure the safety of all people and surrounding properties, because it’s important to be aware when using heavy machinery like ours. We always train our staff the safety protocol we follow, because there are certain occupational hazards that come with stump removal and trunk grinding. We have always held ourselves to a high level of customer care, which wouldn’t be complete without a fully developed safety protocol, designed to protect both the people, and our client’s yards, homes, and property.


Stump Grinding Cost

Here at Athens Stump Grinding Pros, we work hard to ensure that our pricing is affordable, so stump grinding cost is not a barrier for potential clients who need our services. Stump removal services are one of those things that can really go awry when people try to DIY this task, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to call us and get their stumps removed, asap. We’re proud of what we do, and we love being a part of the greater Athens community. It’s important to us to provide the best services we can, at a price that we can be confident in. Of course every job is different, but our commitment to our clients is to do our very best to keep our prices as affordable as possible, so you never have to worry if there are hidden costs or fees. We never artificially increase the price of the services requested. At our business, honesty and integrity are the pillars we stand by. We price every service fairly, based on location of the stumps, the number of stumps, the size of the stumps, etc. Our business is dependent on our clients, so we do our very best to price our services affordably, do our work skillfully, and serve every client professionally. If you have any questions about our services or prices, give us a call and we’d be happy to talk to you! Stump grinding and stump removal services are what we do, and we hope to continue doing this as long as possible. We’re a small business, and we’re community members, so with us, you’ll never get those high corporate prices, or impersonal touch. We’re glad to serve the Athens, GA community by removing unwanted tree trunks and producing a smooth, beautiful landscape for your home or business. Give us a call today to see how we can help you achieve a more beautiful yard!

As far as pricing goes, if you are price shopping or looking for the most accurate quote, we recommend an in person estimate. The reason we recommend that is because with stump grinding Athens GA, there are a lot of factors, measurements, and qualities that go into determining the price of the job, so we would hat for us to give an estimate over the phone that we couldn’t uphold. There are numerous factors that go into the pricing, and when we ask for certain measurements and descriptions over the phone, sometimes things get lost in translation, and the situation turns out to be a little different than we originally expected. Over the phone estimates and in person estimates are both common practice, and since we prefer to provide the most accurate quote we can, we often recommend in person quotes for that reason.

Photo of a stump grinder being used to remove an unwanted stump from a yard.


JL Green

“Excellent service. Very fast and extremely careful to protect plants, shrubs, etc. Professional and personable with reasonable pricing. Has high tech grinder that can easily reach tightest area around a stump. I highly recommend Athens Stump Grinding.”

Athens Stump Grinding Pros

Grinding up stumps is simple, but it’s not easy. The grinding machines that are used are economical, convenient, and efficient, but they can be dangerous. Sometimes the root ball of the tree must be dug out, which can be difficult and straining. However, our staff is trained to grind beyond the ground, so as to ensure no regrowth can occur.  

Depending on the size and the location of where your stump is situated, we will decide which machine would be best suited for your stump grinding Athens GA project. For larger stumps, often the grinders with the more powerful horsepower is needed, while smaller stumps, and stumps located in small areas may be best served by smaller handheld grinders.

No matter how big or small your stump, we’re ready to grind it up for you and clean up the waste. We’ve got the equipment necessary for stumps of all sizes, and we’re lawn friendly, so we take the steps necessary to maintain all surrounding landscaping. We are careful, and provide exceptional service, both in the actual work and in customer experience. As long as trees grow there will be stumps that need to be removed, which is why we love building relationships with our clients, over years of service. Our responsibility to our clients is to provide expert stump grinding, at an affordable rate, while focusing on safety for you and our staff.  

We take care to educate our staff on our safety practices, so we can perform all jobs safely and efficiently. We take pride in our attention to detail, and “no stump pieces left behind” approach. We’re never rushed or sloppy, and we take the time to confirm that all parts of the stump have been ground. We know complete tree stump removal is the goal, which is why we go the extra mile for our clients and take the time to do every job thoroughly, and in an environmentally friendly manner.   We’ve got the ability and experience to remove smaller stumps, and larger stumps, and we know the most efficient way to do it is to utilize a stump grinder. This is an exceedingly specialized job, and requires specific equipment, which can range from smaller self-propelled grinders, to more commercial sized grinders. When we arrive on site, we will assess the situation, and provide you with more accurate pricing. Depending on the placement of the stump, we will determine the best course of action, and achieve the most effective results.  

Stumps are a nuisance to a property, and the longer they’re allowed to remain on site, the more issues they accumulate. Stumps provide an environment for snakes, insects, termites, and roaches to flourish, and they limit the landscaping and lawn care abilities that can be done around the area. They’re an eyesore, and they can be a huge issue if left to remain. The stump grinding machine works by an engine-powered wheel, that cuts through the wood and grinds it into small pieces. The leftover mulch and wood pieces can be mixed into the soil to level the ground, can be spread onto other landscaping sections, or can be removed.   When it comes to stump removal in Athens, GA, we’re the skilled professionals that are ready to get your yard leveled and clean in no time. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate on our stump grinding and stump removal services.  

Oftentimes after people have a tree felled, the thought of having to get the tree stump removed, and on top of that adding a stump removal cost can be daunting. However, the good news is that stump grinding is a walk in the park compared to tree removal. Seriously- our stump grinders do most of the hard work with their high horse power cutting saw, and most of our work is operating the machine. Tree stump removal is affordable, is hardly ever more than a couple hundred dollars, and is very time efficient. If you’re short on time and you want to improve your landscape, getting stumps removed is a great way to do it. Within a day you’ll have a smooth landscape, no more tree stumps, and you’ll be ready to landscape to your heart’s desire. At our business we love helping our clients by grinding up their stumps swiftly and affordably, and we’ve been known to remove stumps even in hard to reach places and small spaces. In all honesty, we really do love our work, so if you’re looking for stump grinding in Athens, give us a call and you’ll be getting professional, passionate stump grinders who care about doing the job right, every single time. Give us a call today!

No matter how many stumps you have, how gnarly the roots are, how wide the base is, I’m telling you, our team of stump grinders can handle it. There is no stump too unusual for us to handle, and our team is a team of problem solvers. We have years of experience providing stump grinding to the community of Athens, and while we may not have seen it all, we have certainly seen a lot, and we have the experience and skill to figure out a solution, and do the stump removal that you called us for. We can maneuver in and out of small pathways, we can deal with crazy root systems, and where there is a will, there is a way. Let our team tackle your tree stump removal today.


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