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Thanks for taking a minute to check out our website. Here at Athens Stump Grinding Pros, we got started in this business because we loved working outside, we love working with clients, and we love improving outdoor spaces, and helping people work on their landscape, and make it a place they wanted to be. 

We love stump grinding because we love how we can grind stumps up in an afternoon, and immediately help a client feel more at home in their backyard. Providing clients with that smooth, clean landscape puts a smile on our face, and really helps remind us why we do what we do. We provide stump grinding and stump removal services, and we work everyday to get better in all ways. If there are new, better grinders on the market, you can bet we’ll look into them. If we can improve our customer service, we are ready to implement new methods for interacting with our clients. If we can be more efficient, more professional, and do our stump grinding in a better way? We would love to know.


Your backyard can be an oasis for you and your family, and if there’s stumps obscuring the yard and generally being a hindrance, it can be really frustrating. After tree removal is the best time to get your stumps removed as well, so we always recommend that you call and get your stump grinding service scheduled at the same time as your tree company is scheduled. Many tree companies will provide stump grinding as an add on service to tree removal, and since it’s not their primary service, it ends up being overpriced, and overlooked. That’s no knock to tree companies, we love them! They do what they do well, and we take the job of stump removal off their hands. We specialize in removing stumps in Athens Clarke County and the surrounding areas, so we’ve gotten really good at what we do.

We’re a company that is ready to grow, and we have been so happy to have worked in Athens with so many wonderful clients, and grown our business from the ground up. As we continue to work with new clients, we look forward to growing our team and hiring new stump grinding technicians, and day in and day out we are committed to providing you, our clients with the best possible service we can. We have built our business on staying true to our authentic, genuine vision for the company, which was a small business, born and raised in Athens, providing quality stump grinding services for the greater Athens area. We are always looking to partner with fellow tree service companies that are looking to outsource the stump grinding, so reach out with any business inquiries you may have through our email. We do our stump removal work with the level of integrity, work ethic, and professionalism that we bring to all aspects of our lives- and that’s the way we’re always going to be. We want to continue to do affordable stump grinding in Athens for years to come, so we’ll continue to improve our methods, learn more, and maintain our high level of work for the long run! If you have any questions about our affordable stump grinding, our cost for tree stump removal, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out or give us a call. Thanks! 


Athens Stump Grinding Pros

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