photo of a stump being ground and a pile of mulch beside it
Athens Stump Grinding Pros: Why Us?

Today on the blog we thought it’d be a good time to run through some of the reasons we think our clients choose us, Athens Stump Grinding Pros, over the competition, and why we think you should do the same. At our business, stump grinding is our profession- we don’t provide all tree services, we’ve narrowed down to stump grinding. We’ve drilled down, chosen one service, and have gotten really good at it. Because we’ve honed our expertise into stump grinding, that also allows us to focus our energy into learning more about stump removal, getting better at our services, providing better communication with our clients, staying on top of our game, all of that good stuff. 

We serve the greater Athens-Clarke County area, and we remove stumps in Oconee, Barrow, and other surrounding counties as well. We have great prices, and that’s also do to our focus on stump grinding. While other tree services might dabble in stump grinding and offer it as an expensive add on, we’re completely focused on our job, and we have affordable prices because of that. 

We’ve learned the best ways to level off a yard, to leave minimal impact on the property, and make it so there’s not a trace left of the stump we removed. If you’re looking to plant a new tree in the place of the stump, let us know and we can grind as far down as 24 inches, to remove the root ball of the tree and inhibit any future regrowth. We love outdoor work, and would be glad to take this off your hands, if you were considering going to DIY approach. We pride ourselves on our excellent work, professional communication, and efficient turnaround. If you call us now for a free quote, we’ll be back in touch with you ASAP. 

After we grind up the stump, there will be a big ole pile of mulch and wood chips left behind. It’s completely up to the client on what they want to do with that mulch. There will be a lot of it, so if you want to use some for landscaping purposes and have us excavate and remove the rest, we can absolutely do so. If you want it all gone and no trace of the stump left behind, that is good with us too! The mulch can be beneficial to gardens, shrubs, and used around the base of trees. After the stump is removed, there will be a hole left behind, which can be leveled off with mulch, filled with topsoil, filled with topsoil and then seeded or have sod brought it, there are so many options. It is a good idea to have some sort of plan before the stump grinding is done, so we can best serve you, and grind the stump to the appropriate depth. 

When you’re looking for stump grinding and removal in Athens Clarke County, we hope Athens Stump Grinding Pros is at the top of your list. We’re outdoor people, and we’re ready to grind up your stump, and level off your yard, so it’s ready for any new landscaping. We love what we do, and we’re excited to help you with your tree stump removal. Call now for a free estimate!