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Our stump grinding service is the best way to remove stumps from your property in an effective, simple, and affordable way. Our stump grinder uses a high horse powered rotating wheel that cuts through the wood particles and grinds the stump up into wood chips and mulch. Our process for identifying the stump size and variety, navigating the access point, providing clear estimates, and getting the work done efficiently is what sets us apart as the stump grinding experts in Athens, Georgia. Every once in a while most of us will need to have a tree removed from our property, maybe after a storm, or after you purchase a new home, and after a tree is removed, the stump will remain. If the tree service company doesn’t have a stump grinder, they will contract it out, or give you the name of stump grinders in the area. Our business is frequently recommended to our clients in Athens in need of tree stump grinding services, and our thorough methods and affordable pricing are often what gets cited as the difference between the others. 



We call ourselves a customer-focused business, because even though we work with trees and stumps, our business is really based on people. We want every client to be so satisfied with how well we did our job, that they can’t help but tell their friends and neighbors about the quick and efficient stump removal we did for them. We want to do the best work, because grinding stumps up in people’s yards is the bread and butter of our business.

While we love working with businesses, apartment complexes, commercial properties, and more, residential tree stump grinding is our basis for our business. We have been providing stump removal services to the Athens area for years, and we hope to continue to do so for many more to come. When you call us we will get all of the information we need about the size, shape, the amount of space available for our stumper to go through, and your availability to schedule. If needed we will take the time to come out to your house to check the type of tree and other factors, like above ground roots, small gateways, gardens that need to be avoided, all of these little things that go into doing a job right. We provide free estimates, and the pricing will always be clear and concise so it makes sense to everyone, and we’re all on the same page. 

The main reason why people want stumps off their property is because they want a level yard to be able to landscape better, or to enjoy their yard more. When you want a stump removed with as little hassle as possible, stump grinding is your best bet. Our machine is soft on grass, is very powerful, and our team is highly trained. We can get your yard level and smooth in no time, at a very affordable rate. If you’re interested in speaking with us about a free estimate, our process, service area, or anything else, please call now!


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