photo of a small stump located inn Athens, Georgia
Safety and Stump Grinding

There are many potential hazards that come along with stump grinding, due to the nature of bringing a large piece of powerful machinery around buildings, homes, people, electrical wiring, et cetera. There’s a level of customer care required when taking on work such as ours, to ensure that everyone and everything is taken into consideration, and is protected during the stump grinding process. When we first started our business, it was important to us that all of the clients we serviced in Athens and into Watkinsville and Bogart enjoyed the level of work we did, while also being confident in our ability to do the job right, without any issues or snags. Stump grinding can be difficult and messy, depending on the situation of the stump, so when hiring a stump grinding company, it’s important to be aware of the safety precautions they take, their processes for ensuring a safe workplace, and any utility checks they may do. 

When training team members or instructing current employees on the proper protocol, it has always been important to us to maintain a high level of customer care, by going out of our way to ensure our clients receive a positive experience both with us and our services. Since stumps are often found in gardens, yards, and in close proximity to homes and vehicles, it is of the utmost important that the stump grinding does not damage any property at all. Stump grinding is also a job that often requires underground work, so when we grind the stump below ground level, it’s important to note where any power lines may be, so they’re not damaged in the process. 

All of these factors are a crucial part of providing an excellent stump grinding service in Athens, GA, and while these risks associated with stump grinding are real, it is our job to mitigate these issues and prevent them, which is what we always aim to do. Part of owning our stump removal business has been learning from past experiences, and as we go, always implementing better procedures in place, so that our customer always gets the best service possible. When we first started out, it was always our aim to be the best stump grinding company in Athens, and to be a company that was customer based, and focused on improving our services, and improving our customer care every single time. Our team members are experienced and skilled at removing stumps from all properties, and they have been trained in the proper safety precautions necessary when involving work like this. 

When it came to determining what kind of stump removal company we wanted to be, and what kind of people we wanted to work with, our strategy has always been quality over quantity- because we value people with a similar philosophy to us- who believe that work should always be done right the first time around, with quality, attention to detail, and professionalism. That’s who we are, and what we strive for. We’re always working on improving our stump grinding skills, and staying on top of the industry standards, so we can grind stumps for our customers every day, the best we can.