Stump Grinding Services Athens GA

When you need stumps ground up and removed from your property, let the professionals handle it.

Operating heavy machinery is no joke, and DIY methods are often ineffective. We handle stump grinding for our clients in Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart, and the surrounding counties.

When you call to inquire about our stump grinding services, we will get you all of the information you need, answer any questions you have, and get you scheduled to get that pesky tree stump removed.

Once we’ve got you on the schedule, our stump grinding pros in Athens will ask you some more questions about the stump in question. How big is it, what is the measurement from one side of the base to the other, does the root ball need to be removed, what are your plans for the area post grind, these are all questions we would ask to get a better feel for how we can best serve you!

We want to make sure to bring the best stump grinder for the job, know about how long the job will take, and discern how many inches below ground we should grind the stump, depending on whether you’d like to plant another tree in its place, or do some more landscaping. Our team is exceptionally thorough, because we want to do the job to our fullest capabilities, so you are completely satisfied with our services.



Once we get you on the schedule and get all the info you need, we will bring the stump grinder in, get it positioned in a level area, and grind the tree stump into mulch and wood chips.

We will grind the stump down several inches, further down depending on whether you’re trying to replant a new tree or not, which may be up to 12 inches below the grade.

Then, in its place will be a large pile of wood chips and wood pulp leftover from the tree trunk. You can use this mulch to do landscaping, mulch around other bushes, tree trunks, etc. We can also fill in the hole that the stump left behind with some of the mulch, since we do grind so low below grade. Once we’ve filled the hole with mulch, and gotten the landscape filled and level, the rest of the mulch can be taken up and hauled away.

Stumps are unsightly, they can harbor pests, and they can be dangerous. They can pose a risk to family, friends, and children playing in the yard. If left unchecked, a stump left in the yard can grow upshoots around it, which will lead to new growth around the area, which can be costly to deal with later down the road. They have also been known to damage a lawn mower, and they obstruct lawn maintenance every time you do it or have it done. With all of these disadvantages that stumps pose, why not call one of our stump removers in Athens today?

At Athens Stump Grinding Pros, we have the expertise and the machinery necessary to remove your stumps, get them ground up to a pulp, with all left in its place is a pile of mulch. Mulch that can be used for landscaping, composting, and other purposes! Much more useful than a stump- so, give us a call today for a free quote on your stump removal!

This task is routine for us, and we’ve got the expertise necessary to implement our process and remove the unwanted stumps in your area or on your property. We’ve grown our business and based in on customer satisfaction, so when you’re looking for stump grinding near me, our professional technicians are never far away. We’re one call away from a free stump grinding quote, and we can take away that eyesore from you your yard immediately.

Stumps get in the way, they get in the way of lawn maintenance, of outdoor entertaining, and of the view of your backyard. Our services are a great way to increase your property value by improving your outdoor space, and can take a backyard from looking neglected, to level and clean. Don’t neglect your yard- as soon as your remove trees from your property, schedule your stump removal service.

We’re excited to help you remove the tree trunks on your property and upgrade your yard or garden. In fact, our stumper is specifically designed to be soft on grass, so no worried about tearing up grass or damaging the landscape. We’ll bring our stumper in through the best access point, and we’ll move it slowly and carefully, so it can move over the grass without a hitch. We love doing our work in Athens, Bogart, Watkinsville, and even further, so if you want to move forward with a quote for your stump service, contact us! We offer stump grinding, stump removal, and a complete package of stump grinding, removal of all of the wood chips and mulch, and we refill the hole left behind with topsoil. If you’re interested in our services and how we can take this problem trunk off your hands, please reach out. We do our work with honesty, integrity, and thoroughness, and we always leave our job site looking tidy and done.

We’re the best in the Athens GA Stump Grinding business, and we intend to continue to grow and serve our clients with respectfulness, honesty, and professionalism. We look forward to continuing to produce great results for our clients, with affordable pricing. Our results are based upon are high attention to details, like roots that are problematic, soft parts of the yard that we avoid with the stumper, the thorough removal of all wood chips, and the depth of the grinding. We go the extra mile for our clients to distinguish ourselves as the premiere stump removal company in Athens-Clarke County. If you’re interested in a quote or learning more about our services, give us a call now!


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