Stump Grinding Athens GA Questions + Answers

When clients are looking to remove unwanted stumps from their homes, they often end up finding our businesses online, or getting referred to us from tree removal companies. We specialize in stump grinding, so we’ve focused in our energy on getting as good as we possibly can in this specific area of tree service. This has allowed us to get really good at what we do, so we can navigate small Athens and Watkinsville yards with large stump grinders without damaging the yard, and getting stumps chewed through in a breeze. We have a thorough cleanup procedure, so you yard is smoothed over when we leave, and it’s like the stump was never there. If you are looking for stump grinding, or you want to know more about how it works, here are some frequently asked questions regarding our services, what we provide, and how we do so. 


What is stump grinding? 

Stump grinding is the process we use to remove stumps from properties. It involves using our powerful stump grinder machines that have a rotating saw with teeth that chew through the wood, and effectively grind the entire tree trunk into small wood chips and bits. We navigate these machines to the stump, and get to work. We wear protective wear to ensure the safety of the operator, and we will grind the stump until it is several inches beneath the level of the ground. This inhibits regrowth from the stump, and allows the hole to be filled with topsoil and landscaped. 

What does the grinder do? 

The stump grinder machine works by using a horsepower blade that rotates at high speeds, using cutting teeth to work into the stump and remove the wood bit by bit. The blade grinds into the stump and basically sends the wood pieces flying, and by the end of it the tree trunk will be reduced to a pile of mulch and wood chips. 

Can I rent the same type of stump grinder you have at home depot? 

There are several different styles of stump grinders, some that are more gentle on yards, and others that are not so much. There are really large and heavy ones, and small hand held ones. The small ones you rent at stores are usually in bad condition, have far less horsepower, are generally far less effective, and will take longer and usually cost just as much to rent as it would to hire us for stump grinding in Athens. Not to mention how dangerous it can be- a rotating saw wheel is no joke, and can be very difficult to do. We genuinely believe it’s for the best that clients hire a professional that is used to operating heavy machinery like we are. 

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to do it myself?

The answer actually is not necessarily. The grinders that you can rent from the store are usually rented in 3 or 6 hour increments, and they can be up into the hundreds of dollars. These machines do not have much horsepower, and it’s going to take you a long time to grind through even small stumps. You may need to rent it for longer than you originally thought, which often causes late fees. Hiring a professional to do your stump grinding work is far more effective for your stump, and is usually cheaper or around the same cost as hiring a professional. 

What do you do with all the wood chips? 

After we’ve ground up the stump, there will be a large pile of mulch and wood chips left over. Because we grind below ground level, we can use the mulch to fill in the hole and smooth over the surface, so your landscape is clean and smooth. We can also remove the mulch if you would prefer. Oftentimes people will use the mulch for landscaping around the yard, or they add it to their compost or organic waste bin. There are many options, and we’d be happy to discuss with you whatever you’d like to do with the wood chips post-grinding! 


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