Photo of a stump grinder being used to remove an unwanted stump from a yard.
The Termite Problem: Why Remove Stumps

Oftentimes we’re called out to various stump grinding jobs to look at the remaining trunk of a tree that the property owner had cut down years prior. 

Most often the reason for this is that the owner knew the tree was a problem, saw that it was dangerous, so they called a tree care company to come out and cut the tree down. 

Because tree care can get very expensive, and because most tree trimming companies lack the machinery to remove the stump, the tree trunk is left behind. 

After spending all that money on the tree removal, oftentimes property owners don’t see the necessity in removing the stump remaining. 

Thus ensues years of lawn mowing around the stump, landscaping around the stump, and plenty of time for pests like termites to make their way in. 

Once a stump has been left for a while, bugs like termites tend to move in. They feast on the plant material in the stump, and quickly multiply. This is the circle of life- and a trunk can be a perfect breeding ground for termites for years to come. 

One termite is one thing, but where one is, there is always more to come. Termites form nests, and will live in tree stumps for years, growing and building up their community.

While in the woods this may be no problem, if an infested stump is anywhere near a building, you can be sure that’s where they will make their way next. Now calling a stump grinding company isn’t seeming like such a hassle, am I right? 

As a community grows, they’ll need to expand their territory to provide more room and sustenance. Say there’s an infested stump 10 yards away from the house- eventually the pests will move to that stack of wood beside the house, and make their way through that. Then, they move into the exterior of your home. 

A serious termite infestation is the last thing you want to deal with in your home. Stump grinding can seem like an unnecessary job until an issue like this occurs, and now not only do you need the stump removed, but you’re also calling a contractor to restore your home’s exterior. 

All that to say, If you’re dealing with stumps around your house and you’re worried about termites, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our business has the equipment to navigate around most terrain and grind up any stumps that are unwanted. 

If you already have an infestation in a stump, there are a couple things you can do. First of all, please do call a local stump grinding company to handle the problem before it gets worse. You may also be advised to call a pest control company to get the infestation under control before the grinding can begin. You may also get a diy termite treatment to get rid of the pests before the grinding begins. These treatments often take several days to take effect, so that’s important to note before you schedule stump grinding services. 

If this is not the case, then a company like ours can come in, grind up the stumps, and be sure to remove the remaining wood pulp to get rid of the infestation all together. You don’t want to use that mulch for landscaping if it’s got termites involved.