Photo of a medium sized stump being ground up by the large grinder
What To Do With Wood Chips After Stump Grinding

When we get calls to come and provide stump grinding services on properties in Athens, one thing that most people don’t realize is that after the stump grinding takes place, you will be left with quite a lot of wood pulp, chips, and mulch.

 The stump grinder works by using a rotating saw with metal teeth that grind the stump into small pieces, all of which will pile up into a large amount of wood bits. Whether you plan to use the wood remains for mulch and landscaping, or you want it removed and taken away, that is up to you. 

It is often surprising the sheer amount of mulch left behind by the stump, because it is much larger than the size of the stump. The volume of the stump grindings is fluffed in a way, because while the wood used to be compacted in the stump, it’s now filled with air, which contributes to the amount left behind. 

If you hire a professional stump grinding company to remove your stump, they will typically ask you if you’d like the wood chips to be removed, or if you’d like to use them for mulch and landscaping purposes. If you have it removed, that service will likely be charged into your stump removal cost. Chances are, keeping the mulch for landscaping purposes will be the cheaper route. 

If you’ve used a professional stump grinding service, they will grind the stump down around 10-12 inches below ground level. They do this to prevent future growth from the root system, and to ensure a smooth surface after the process is done. Some of the wood chips can be used to fill the hole that is left behind after the grinding takes place, and can be smoothed out to leave a clean landscape. 

After that, you’ll want to do something with the rest of the grindings. You’ll want to remove the grindings from your lawn fairly quickly, because grass doesn’t grow well under wood chippings. What you can do is rake up the mulch, and prepare it for use in your landscaping. This will also help offset your stump grinding cost, if you use it as mulch for other trees and landscape installations, like walkways or gardens. To use as mulch, spread the chips around the base of the shrub or tree and move outward in a circular fashion, until the area is covered a few inches out. 

The stump grinding material can also be used in a compost, and we can definitely help by recommending local compost bins if you don’t have one yourself. 

There are many things you can do with the organic material left behind after hiring a stump grinding company, so if you have any other suggestions send them over and we’ll include them in our next post! 

If you have any stumps that need to be removed, give us a call and we’d be glad to handle all Athens stump grinding needs you may have. We have some of the most affordable stump grinding costs around, so you can get those stumps off your lawn without breaking the bank. We service the greater Athens area, so give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a quote.