Photo of an old tree stump with an extensive root system
Why Professional Stump Grinding Is Worth It

Typically as the winter months come, you would expect outdoor jobs like stump grinding to go down in quantity a bit, but it hasn’t really happened like that for us this year. Since the winter months are so mild in the south, arborists continue to cut down trees, and stumps continue to need to be removed in Athens, GA. But we’re not complaining! 

Today on the blog we thought it’d be a good time to go over some common situations we find ourselves in as a stump grinding company, difficult obstacles that we have to find a way around in order to get the job done. 

In one particular situation recently, we had a call from a client who had attempted to burn a stump to remove it from their property. The problem he had with this method was that the stump itself was very large and deep set, thus it would have taken a week or more for it to burn thoroughly. Not only did he not have the time to watch over the stump to ensure it burned safely, but he also just couldn’t keep it burning. It ended up just taking him all weekend, wasting his time, until he decided to call us in to deal with the stump. Thankfully, we were able to get it ground up quickly, and then that was that- but, if he had called us first, he would’ve been able to relax that weekend, without wasting his time and money. 

In another case we had recently, we were called in to remove a stump that a client had attempted to remove using a hand held grinder, which broke while he was working on the large stump. Not only did he not have the proper machinery to handle the size of the stump, but he also just wasn’t prepared to remove it- the stump was too tall, and as a professional business, we know that to save your machinery, it’s important to use a chain saw to get the stump as short as possible before bringing in a grinder. But, when a tree company is called in to fell a tree, they often have to navigate other large trees in the area, watching out for buildings,  landscaping, amongst all other factors. Their main concern is felling the tree safely, effectively, and smoothly. So, often they leave the stump a little too tall- not the biggest issue, but if you’re using a handheld grinder it certainly is. 

We were able to handle both jobs in no time, using larger, more powerful grinders that can get the job done swiftly. It’s what we do- that’s why we’ve dedicated out business to stump grinding specifically, so we can take care of those problem stumps and leave a landscape better than we found it.  As always, stay safe, and if in doubt, give a professional a call!