Why We Only Do In Person Estimates

A question we often get asked is if we can provide a quote over the phone. For a tree service company, this is common practice, and a reasonable question. 

However, while we have done so in the past, we have made it company policy to no longer provide estimates over the phone for any stump removal service, and to instead solely provide estimates after an in person inspection. 

We have several reasons for this policy, and we’ll try to explain each as best as we can. 

There are many challenges when it comes to providing over the phone quotes on stump grinding services, including no idea of the terrain, the size of the stump, the access we will have to move the machine to the stump, the depth of the stump, et cetera. 

There are various sizes of stump grinders, and we have to know which one we’ll need to bring before we get there. Different stump grinders can only handle specific types of stumps, so it’s very important that we have the right equipment for each job. If we don’t know the exact horsepower, size, and maneuvering necessary, we won’t be able to accomplish the job as promised. 

For example, say we have a large stump, one that really would be best served with the biggest grinder we have, but the access to the spot where the trunk is is very limited. If this is the case, the big machinery may not be able to maneuver to the stump, thus making the powerful machine unusable. 

The amount of horsepower needed definitely plays a part in the stump grinding process. We’ll need to bring a grinder that has the capabilities to grind up the stump in question, while not being too big to not be able to fit through the access available. The smaller the access, the smaller the stump grinder we can use. 

These can be very difficult situations, because it’s imperative that we explain all of the factors that are involved in forming an accurate quote, to ensure that the pricing is understood by the client. Tree services are very expensive, and while we aim to provide affordable services, if we must use a small handheld grinder to remove a very large and deep stump, that service is definitely going to cost a pretty penny, compared to a smaller, less labor intensive job. 

There are many risks involved in removing stumps from properties, and so it is vital to everyone’s safety that our team accurately assesses the situation, determines the proper grinder to be used, and the amount of time and labor a job will take before we can provide pricing to a customer. 

We hope this has been insightful to you, and provided some understanding into the process of quoting in person, and why we feel it is necessary! 

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call or submit a request through out contact form.